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Dipolar Approximation and Propagation of Pre-Earthquake Electromagnetic Signals

Clavijo, Jorge Y Sánchez, Sandra Y Sánchez, John Y Wang, Hongqiang (2016) Dipolar Approximation and Propagation of Pre-Earthquake Electromagnetic Signals. In: 13th Annual Meeting of the Asia and Oceania Geosciences Society-AOGS. (In Press)

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The origin of pre-earthquake electromagnetic signals is still controversial. Different theories have been proposed based on several physical effects like piezoelectricity, piezomagnetism, positive-hole generation and the electrokinetic effect. One important aspect frequently overlooked is the effect of diverse conductivity profiles of the crust on the possibility of detecting the signal at certain position and time; the complexity of the source makes this task difficult. Most of the analyzes assume unbounded and homogenous mediums which do not take into account the importance of ground-air interface, where measurements are made, and the effect of strong contrasts of conductivity often found nearby the surface. Also, several works use static approximations to simplify the electromagnetic problem, however, this perspective can be misleading because it sees the electric and magnetic signals as independent phenomena and not as a combined electromagnetic problem. In this work we proposed an approach where the electromagnetic sources are modeled like punctual-transient electric and magnetic dipoles, embedded in a non uniform conductive medium. In this way, although the source is strongly simplified, part of the complexity of the crust and the zone of measurements is considered. Maxwell’s equations are solved using the Schelkunoff potentials method to calculate the electromagnetic field on air-ground surface, and necessary conditions to detect the signals are analyzed. Special attention is placed on layers of high and low conductivity which are expected to affect considerably the propagation of fields.

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Depósito de Usuario: Master Sandra Sánchez Sierra
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