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Proceso de reingeniería para el departamento de Comercio Internacional de la Empresa Multicomex Sia Ltda en la oficina de Ipiales – Nariño

Ordoñez Patiño, Julio Armando (2007) Proceso de reingeniería para el departamento de Comercio Internacional de la Empresa Multicomex Sia Ltda en la oficina de Ipiales – Nariño. Project Report. Universidad de Nariño, Pasto.

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At the present time different positions, philosophies and strategies have arisen to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of today's business in day. One of these processes that takes force at the present time is the reingeniería that is based in the I redraw radical of the processes to make improvements and spectacular changes in measures you criticize and current of yield that cross the such companies as: organization, costs, service, quality and speed in their processes. The position of the process of quick dynamic reingeniería for the department of international trade of the company Multicomex Sia Ltda. becomes evident after analyzing its current situation as for its organization, administration, corporate image, modernization and operative operations, since bill with some deficiencies that make that the company doesn't reach the competitive markets that exist in the Ipiales city. This way he/she is necessary a reingeniería process properly structured to offer to the company a good development level focused in the application of strategies, proposals of improvement and action plans that guarantee to the organization a better acting in the benefit of the service of intermediation aduanera, corporate, advertising, organizational improvement, modernization and amplification of their briefcase of services. The strategies outlined in the reingeniería process are focused in marketing terms like: Womb of Yield, DOFA, EFE, EFI and Benchmarking, that guarantee a precise study of their clients, competitors and operation specify of the yields of the organization. As for the improvement corporate strategies of publicity, corporate organization and principles and values that allow to the company to give to know their changes and the competitive advantages that have been achieved. The analyses and diagnoses outlined inside this study achieved that the company observes their weaknesses and threats and by means of these it takes advantage of their strengths and improve their opportunities, this whole process accompanied by a permanent evaluation of the developed processes that they guarantee its competitive yield without neglecting the permanent evolution of a continuous improvement.

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