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Genotypic variation in climbing ability traits in a common bean RIL population

Checa, Oscar Y Blair, Matthew Y Beebe, Steve (2004) Genotypic variation in climbing ability traits in a common bean RIL population. Bean Improvement Cooperative, 47 (1). pp. 301-302. ISSN 0084-7747

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Climbing beans are vines that can be grown in either monoculture using wooden or bamboo trellises or in intercropping with other support crops such as maize, but in either case an important characteristic of climbing beans is their vegetative vigor and climbing ability. A range of climbing bean architecture exists; some are extremely vigorous producing more biomass at the top of the plant (type IVb), while others distribute biomass more uniformly across their the length of their vines (type IVa). Different types are selected by farmers in given situations, depending on climate, cropping system, harvesting method and growing period. Few studies have analyzed the inheritance of climbing ability in common bean or analyzed the interaction of this trait with soil fertility levels. Information about climbing ability and its component traits could be used by plant breeders to develop climbing bean ideotypes for different production systems. Therefore one of our research objectives has been to develop methods to analyze climbing bean growth and apply these to genetic mapping populations. In this research we analyzed a population of recombinant inbred lines derived from the cross of a climbing bean, G2333, by a bush bean, G19839, grown under high and low phosphorus treatments, for traits involved with climbing ability.

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