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Minimal Scalar Sector of 3-3-1 Models Without Exotic Electric Charges

Ponce, William A. Y Giraldo, Yithsbey Y Sanchez, Luis A. (2003) Minimal Scalar Sector of 3-3-1 Models Without Exotic Electric Charges. Physical Review D, D67 (7). 075001. ISSN 2470-0010

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We study the minimal set of Higgs scalars, for models based on the local gauge group SU(3)c⊗SU(3)L⊗U(1)X, which do not contain particles with exotic electric charges. We show that only two Higgs SU(3)L triplets are needed in order to properly break the symmetry. The exact tree-level scalar mass matrices resulting from symmetry breaking are calculated at the minimum of the most general scalar potential, and the gauge bosons are obtained, together with their couplings to the physical scalar fields. We show how the scalar sector introduced is enough to produce masses for fermions in a particular model. By using experimental results we constrain the scale of new physics to be above 1.5 TeV.

Tipo de Elemento: Artículo
Palabras Clave: gauge field theory SU(3) x SU(3) x U(1), Higgs particle mass, fermion mass generation, symmetry breaking, anomaly
Asunto: Q Ciencias > QC Physics
Division: Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales > Programa de Física > Productividad
Depósito de Usuario: Prof. Yithsbey / Y. Giraldo
Fecha Deposito: 06 Feb 2018 21:40
Ultima Modificación: 23 May 2022 21:12

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