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Equalized time reversal beamforming for frequency-selective indoor MISO channels

Viteri-Mera, Carlos Andrés Y Teixeira, Fernando (2017) Equalized time reversal beamforming for frequency-selective indoor MISO channels. IEEE Access, 5. 3944 -3957. ISSN 2169-3536

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Time-reversal (TR) is a beamforming technique for wireless frequency-selective channels, which has received increasing attention due to its high energy efficiency and low computational complexity. In this paper, we present two contributions on TR beamforming for single-user indoor wideband MISO systems. First, we provide novel analyses of a baseband TR system using two commonly used indoor propagation channel models. We derive closed-form approximations for the inter-symbol interference (ISI) with these channel models in order to characterize the influence of propagation conditions (such as the power-delay profile, delay spread, and bandwidth) on TR performance metrics. In particular, we analyze spatial focusing and time compression performance of TR beamforming, and their impact on the bit error rate (BER). As a second contribution, we introduce an equalized TR (ETR) technique that mitigates the ISI of conventional TR. The proposed ETR utilizes a zero-forcing pre-equalizer at the transmitter in a cascade configuration with the TR pre-filter. Unlike previous approaches to ISI mitigation in TR systems, we derive theoretical performance bounds for ETR and show that it greatly enhances the BER performance of conventional TR with minimal impact to its beamforming capabilities. By means of numerical simulations, we verify our closed-form approximations and show that the proposed ETR technique outperforms conventional TR with respect to the BER under any SNR.

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