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Biomimetic multizone temperature control

Pantoja, Andrés D. Y Quijano, Nicanor Y Obando, German D. (2014) Biomimetic multizone temperature control. In: Handbook of Biomimetics and Bioinspiration. World Scientific Publishing, pp. 817-860. ISBN 978-981-4354-92-9

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Bioinspired design approaches seek to exploit nature in order to construct optimal solutions for engineering problems such as the control of a uniform temperature or different set points in multizone systems. The ideal free distribution (IFD) is a concept from behavioral ecology, which describes the arrangement of individuals in different habitats such that at equilibrium, all habitats are equally suitable. Here, we relax the IFD main assumptions using the standing crop idea to introduce dynamics into the supplies of each habitat. Then, we make an analogy with a multizone thermal system to propose a controller based on the replicator dynamics model to get a maximum uniform temperature or different desired temperature references subject to constrained available power. Besides, we analytically show that the equilibrium points of the controlled systems are asymptotically stable. Finally, some practical results obtained with a testbed and simulations in order to compare implemented and theoretical results.

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