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Extra gauge bosons and lepton flavor universality violation in Υ and B meson decays

García-Duque, Cristian H. Y Muñoz, J. H. Y Quintero, Néstor Y Rojas, Eduardo (2021) Extra gauge bosons and lepton flavor universality violation in Υ and B meson decays. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 103 (7). 073003-1. ISSN 2470-0010

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Lepton flavor universality can be tested through the ratio of semileptonic B meson decays and leptonic Υ meson decays, with Υ ≡ Υ(nS) (n = 1, 2, 3). For the charged-current transitions b → cτν̄ _τ , discrepancies between the experiment and the Standard Model (SM) have been observed in recent years by different flavor facilities such as BABAR, Belle, and LHCb. While for the neutral-current transitions bb̄ → ττ̄, the BABAR experiment reported recently a new measurement of leptonic decay ratio R_Υ(3S)=BR(Υ(3S) → τ^+τ^−/BR(Υ(3S)→μ^+μ^−), showing an agreement with the SM at the 1.8σ level. In light of this new BABAR result and regarding the connection between new physics (NP) interpretations to the charged- current b → cτν̄ τ anomalies and neutral-current bb̄ → ττ̄ processes, in this study, we revisit the NP consequences of this measurement within a simplified model with extra massive gauge bosons that coupled predominantly to left-handed leptons of the third generation. We show that the BABAR measurement of R Υð3SÞ cannot easily be accommodated (within its experimental 1σ range) together with the other b → cτν̄ τ data, hinting toward a new anomalous observable.

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