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Campos clássicos no plano nulo

Acevedo, O.A. Y Gallo, K.P. Y Pimentel, B.M. Y Zambrano, G.E.R. (2021) Campos clássicos no plano nulo. Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física, 43. ISSN 1806-1117

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Acevedo, Gallo, Pimentel, Zambrano. Campos clássicos no plano nulo.pdf

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The description of the dynamics of the physical systems requires the specification of the evolution of the quantities that determine them in passing from one three-dimensional surface to the other, each one of them defined by the constant value of a parameter called «time». But such surfaces and such time can be chosen in different manners, as it was shown by Dirac in 1949; the inequivalent possible choices are called «dynamical forms». In this study we precisely define them, focusing in particular in the so-called «light-front dynamics» or «null-plane dynamics», in which the time is a coordinate defined on the light-cone. We study the classical free fields in this formulation: the scalar, fermion, electromagnetic and massive vector ones, establishing the solution to their initial-value problem (Goursat’s problem), the classification of their components as dynamical and non-dynamical, and their polarization states. We finalize by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of null-plane physics, hoping to provide a relevant initiation material to this promising, although generally unknown, area of physics. Key-words: Classical field theory; light-front dynamics; null-plane dynamics.

Tipo de Elemento: Artículo
Palabras Clave: Teoria clássica de campos; dinâmica da frente de luz; dinâmica do plano nulo.
Asunto: Q Ciencias > QC Physics
Division: Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales > Programa de Física > Productividad
Depósito de Usuario: Prof. Germán Enrrique /G. E. Ramos Zambrano
Fecha Deposito: 10 Dec 2021 15:53
Ultima Modificación: 10 Dec 2021 15:53

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