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Evaluation of pre-germination treatments on four native species of the High Andean forest

Bacca, Pedro Pablo Y Burbano, Diana Lucía Y Moreno, Angélica Sofía (2020) Evaluation of pre-germination treatments on four native species of the High Andean forest. Revista de Ciencias Agrícolas, 37 (1). pp. 80-89. ISSN 2256-2273

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High Andean forests are strategic ecosystems with high diversity of native and endemic plants; however, these natural ecosystems are affected by agricultural expansion. Knowledge on the propagation of native plants is essential to restore these environments. This research aimed to evaluate germination in the following native species: Viburnum triphyllum Kunt. (Caprifoliaceae), Oreopanax floribundum Kunth, (Araliaceae), Weinmannia tomentosa L.f. (Cunoniaceae), and Tournefortia fuliginosa Benth. (Boraginaceae) in Botana experimental farm of Universidad de Nariño. This study was conducted between October (2016) and February (2017). For each species, an unrestricted randomized split-plot design was established. The main plot included the substrates (S), and the sub-plots included the different pre-germination treatments (PM) with three repetitions. The results showed statistically differences in germination percentage among pre-germination treatments for O. floribundum. The highest germination percentage (42%) for this species was achieved with seed imbibition for 48 hours at 22°C. Moreover, W. tomentosa showed statistical differences for S and PM, with a germination percentage of 74% with imbibition for 48 h at 22°C and sand substrate. T. fuliginosa did not show relevant differences; however, it had a germination percentage of 47%. V. triphyllum did not germinate; therefore, further evaluations of pre-germination treatments should be required.

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