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Carbon capture in three land use systems in the Colombian Amazonia

Pardo-Rozo, Yelly-Yamparli Y Andrade-Castañeda, Hernán-Jair Y Muñoz-Ramos, Jader Y Velásquez-Restrepo, Jaime-Enrique (2021) Carbon capture in three land use systems in the Colombian Amazonia. Revista de Ciencias Agrícolas, 38 (2). pp. 111-123. ISSN 2256-2273

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The main strategies to combat climate change are reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increasing carbon sinks in terrestrial ecosystems such as forests, forest plantations, and agroforestry systems. Deforestation and land use changes in the Amazonia bear great responsibility both for the fixation and emission of GHG. The aim of this research was to estimate the carbon stored in above-ground biomass of forests, rubber plantations (Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg.), and trees in pastures in the Colombian Amazonia piedmont. Data was collected in 40 farms located in the rural area of the municipality of Belén de Los Andaquíes (Colombia). A total of 174 temporal sampling plots of 250 m2 each were established (80 in forests, 40 in rubber plantations and 54 in pastures with trees). In these plots, the diameter at breast height (dbh) was measured in trees with dbh ≥ 10 cm, and the above-ground biomass was estimated with allometric models for the Colombian Amazon. The carbon stored was 154.1 Mg ha-1 in forests, 1.4 Mg ha-1 in pastures with trees and 138.9 Mg ha-1 in rubber plantations. Positive changes for mitigation of climate change could be achieved through the conversion of agricultural areas, mainly pastures, to forests (+560 Mg CO2 ha-1). Likewise, if deforestation stops in the area, the estimated emissions reduction would be 0.16 Tg CO2 year-1.

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