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Flipped versions of the universal 3-3-1 and the left-right symmetric models in [SU(3)]3 : A comprehensive approach

Rodríguez, Oscar Y Benavides, Richard H. Y Ponce, William A. Y Rojas, Eduardo (2017) Flipped versions of the universal 3-3-1 and the left-right symmetric models in [SU(3)]3 : A comprehensive approach. Physical Review D, 95 (1). pp. 1-16. ISSN 2470-0010


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By considering the 3-3-1 and the left-right symmetric models as low energy effective theories of the SU(3)_C⊗SU(3)_L⊗SU(3)_R (for short [SU(3)]^3) gauge group, alternative versions of these models are found. The new neutral gauge bosons of the universal 3-3-1 model and its flipped versions are presented; also, the left-right symmetric model and its flipped variants are studied. Our analysis shows that there are two flipped versions of the universal 3-3-1 model, with the particularity that both of them have the same weak charges. For the left-right symmetric model we also found two flipped versions; one of them new in the literature which, unlike those of the 3-3-1, requires a dedicated study of its electroweak properties. For all the models analyzed, the couplings of the Z′ bosons to the standard model fermions are reported. The explicit form of the null space of the vector boson mass matrix for an arbitrary Higgs tensor and gauge group is also presented. In the general framework of the [SU(3)]^3 gauge group, and by using the LHC experimental results and EW precision data, limits on the Z′ mass and the mixing angle between Z and the new gauge bosons Z′ are obtained. The general results call for very small mixing angles in the range 10^−3 radians and M_Z′>2.5 TeV.

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Depósito de Usuario: Prof. Eduardo Rojas
Fecha Deposito: 23 Abr 2019 21:47
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