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Deformations and Derived Equivalence over Symmetric Algebras

Vélez, José (2014) Deformations and Derived Equivalence over Symmetric Algebras. In: Altencoa6-2014, Agosto 11 al 15 de 2014, Universidad de Nariño - Colombia.


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Let k be an algebraically closed field of arbitrary characteristic and let Ʌ be a finite dimensional k-algebra that is also symmetric, i.e. Ʌ and Ʌ*-Homk (Ʌ,k) are isomorphic as Ʌ-bimodules. In the first part of this talk, we discuss the deformation theory of complexes in the derived category D(PCMod(Ʌ)), where PCMod(Ʌ) denotes the abelian category of pseudocompact Ʌ-modules. For the second part of the talk, we assume that T is another symmetric k algebra that is derived equivalent to Ʌ, and we discuss the following statement: if ɅQT is the corresponding split-endomorphism two-sided tilting complex (as introduced by Rickard), then ɅQT preserves the versal deformation rings of complexes in D-(PCMod(Ʌ)), resp. D-(PCMod(T)). This is a joint work with Frauke M. Bleher at the University of Iowa.

Tipo de Elemento: Conferencia o Taller artículo (Speech)
Palabras Clave: Deformations, Derived Equivalence, Symmetric Algebras
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