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Hydrogen-bonding patterns in two aroylthiocarbamates and two aroylimidothiocarbonates

Insuasty, Henry Y Castro, Edison Y Sánchez, Edison Y Cobo, Justo Y Glidewell, Christopher (2010) Hydrogen-bonding patterns in two aroylthiocarbamates and two aroylimidothiocarbonates. Acta Crystallographica Section C Crystal Structure Communications, C66 (-). pp. 141-146. ISSN 0108-2701

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In O-ethyl N-benzoyl­thio­carbamate, C10H11NO2S, the mol­ecules are linked into sheets by a combination of two-centre N-H...O and C-H...S hydrogen bonds and a three-centre C-H...(O,S) hydrogen bond. A combination of two-centre N-H...O and C-H...O hydrogen bonds links the mol­ecules of O-ethyl N-(4-methyl­benzoyl)thio­carbamate, C11H13NO2S, into chains of rings, which are linked into sheets by an aromatic [pi]-[pi] stacking inter­action. In O,S-diethyl N-(4-methyl­benzoyl)imidothio­carbonate, C13H17NO2S, pairs of mol­ecules are linked into centrosymmetric dimers by pairs of symmetry-related C-H...[pi](arene) hydrogen bonds, while the mol­ecules of O,S-diethyl N-(4-chloro­benzoyl)imidothio­carbonate, C12H14ClNO2S, are linked by a single C-H...O hydrogen bond into simple chains, pairs of which are linked by an aromatic [pi]-[pi] stacking inter­action to form a ladder-type structure.

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